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First We Get A Glimpse

In every life there will be at least one moment when ongoing grind of daily life blinks – revealing the timeless harmony of existence. In that moment a glimpse of true being is revealed; without words, without action, without description. … Continue reading

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What if “God” is a Typo?”

With all the misunderstandings, confusion and violence centered on the single word “God” perhaps the word itself is the problem. This word has baggage. It is confusing. It’s easy to misuse and assume that everyone knows what we’re talking about … Continue reading

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The MetaView on Gates-Gate

The MetaView does not ask the question: “Why did these men go after each other,” nor does it ask “Who is to blame?” or “What should they have done?”

The MetaView asks the question: What does it mean that this incident triggered such intense national scrutiny, going immediately to the top of all news reports and dominating the national interest for several days, and continues to be the subject of essays and opinions? Continue reading

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Spiritual Economics

What’s the Problem? A very wise consultant to the health care industry shared with me a conversation he had with a hospital board of directors facing bankruptcy:  “What do you think caused the financial difficulties of the hospital?” he asked.  … Continue reading

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