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No “shoulds” in the recipe for Good Living

It seems a cruel twist of human life to have a sense of unique spiritual, intellectual and creative gifts that remain out of reach and unused. Continue reading

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Beyond the Dream of a White Christmas

Fantasies of “White Christmases, just like the ones we used to know,” are everywhere. Each of us raised in and around the climate of Christmas Celebrations is susceptible to feeling harassed by the memories, both good and bad, of Christmas … Continue reading

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Beyond Decision-Making

The Bible story of the prodigal son presents two life choices: cultural conformity by the dutiful son, and non-conformity by the profligate son. At first it looks like one brother made good choices while the other made bad ones. I … Continue reading

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Who’s to Blame?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just point out who the “bad guy” is and let them know what they’ve done wrong, let them know that it is their fault, and then they change? Wow! Then the world would … Continue reading

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Up The River of Addiction

While addiction is front-page news lately, it has been a companion of the human condition forever. Words such as “overdose” and “suicide” convey the desperate end game of addiction. Yet, there is a starting point, a source, much like the … Continue reading

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Winter Light

A chickadee or perhaps it is a black and white warbler, lands on a twig inside an evergreen covered with snow. Pauses. Then launches back out. This is what normal, everyday eyes see. But this is only the surface. That … Continue reading

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Solutions to Problems are Proof of God

When we find ourselves frustrated, agitated or irritated, we have stopped learning and stopped understanding. We’ve become intent upon a particular way of looking at something, and have closed our minds to learning. Healthy existence is continuously open to learning. … Continue reading

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