What does it take for ice to melt?

Attempting to change a difficult situation is as impossible as trying to melt a cube of ice in the freezer.

“Ice,” is a form of water within a cold environment. Warm-up the environment and the ice will melt. The essence of water is neither solid, liquid, nor vapor, and it is not defined, changed or diminished by what form it is in at any moment.

Similarly, our life circumstances are expressing the mental environment we are living in. When the mental environment is filled with unhelpful, “should” thoughts, our lives are “frozen” with troubles.

Each individual is a living soul that cannot be diminished, damaged nor changed by whatever mental climate is dominating, but we can certainly suffer from it.

An awareness of our spiritual essence is what is needed in order to be as we really are. Withdrawing our attention and attachments from the “frozen” mental climate allows the hardness of the situations of our lives to melt.

While there is no thermostat that will adjust our mental climates, we can spend more time in the light of the truth of our being.  Little by little, the infinite possibilities become real to us and we lose interest in living in the “freezer.”

Liberation begins with the initial awareness that the difficulties we find ourselves facing are not who we really are. They are merely reflective of a confined, conditioned mental climate.

Once we begin to see that the frightening situations we find ourselves in, are not what they seem to be, we can be more open to the gifts of inspiration, intelligence and love for addressing the issue at hand.

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