Realization vs Experience

The purpose of Metapsychiatry is to lead individuals out of the sea of mental garbage and into the ocean of love-intelligence. The sea of mental garbage is the day-to-day rotation of experiencing frustration/elation, agitation/ personal power, pain/pleasure, physical symptoms/physical health, and loss/gain.

The ocean of love-intelligence is the conscious awareness of our true nature as living souls; individual expressions of the Omniactive Good of Life.

One pillar of the journey out of the sea of mental garbage is the distinction between experiences and realizations. ( see the definitions below from the works of Dr. Hora )

Everyone has had a variety of experiences and realizations, but the distinction is not often understood. Without clarifying this distinction, experiences are often taken as reality, and realizations can be seen as random anomalies.

Accepting experiences as reality is like a traveler seeing a sign for New York City, and stopping right there, thinking that they have arrived. The sign is not the City and the map is not the territory.

For example, if we believe that the “experience of peace,” is peace, then we stop looking for the real thing and continue pursuing the “experience of peace.” This is continuous frustration, as the experience of peace never lasts and is always something we need to “do.”

The realization of peace is very different. To know that there is an underlying, omniactive Good that is the source of all life, and that one’s true nature is inseparable from all that is Good, is peace. It is not something we can do, it is a truth we can become aware of. When the truth of peace becomes real to us, it is a realization. Before we can realize it, we need to know that this is possible.

Here are quotes from Dr. Hora regarding Realization vs Experience:

Realization is a synonym for understanding. If we want to define realization we can say that realization happens when a certain aspect of truth becomes real to us. The truth has its own power of self-validation. We can realize, for example, that two and two is not five but four through the fact that it works and brings harmony into our computations. Truth imparts harmony. Truth heals, liberates. Falsehood creates problems. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).
And this applies to our checkbooks, our marriages, to our jobs as well. Whenever we are “standing under the light of truth,” we are healed and liberated from our problems.
-Beyond The Dream, pg. 40

Experiences and spiritual realizations are two entirely different things; there is a radical separation between the two. Until we understand this difference, we shall not understand ourselves as spiritual beings and God will remain just a concept. As mentioned before, experiences are organismic reactions to stimuli coming either from the outside or from within and they can be sensory, emotional, or intellectual.
We experience our thoughts, our fantasies, our dreams, our imaginations, all the mental and organismic processes in the body and outside the body — all these can be experienced.

Sometimes a spiritual event in consciousness is misinterpreted as an experience. This is happening to those people who have genuine so-called “religious experiences.” They do not realize that they are not having an experience; they are having a transforming realization, a spiritual awakening. A spiritual realization comes to consciousness very peacefully, like the white dove which settled on Jesus after he was baptized.
It comes peacefully, without fireworks. It descends imperceptibly and it transforms our entire outlook on reality, on life. Our character is healed and we become a “new man.”

2 Responses to Realization vs Experience

  1. Bev Newsham says:

    Hi Nancy!

    I was raised in the religion of Christian Science – studying the Bible and Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy.

    Your work here seems to be to come very close to Christian Science. Have you studied the book, Science and Health?


    Bev Newsham

    • nrosanoff says:

      Hi Bev,
      Yes, I have read Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy – her work is a tremendous ground breaking gift. Do you still benefit from Christian Science teachings?

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