Pain is an Angry Interaction Thought

This phrase can seem disturbing and challenging when first heard. In one sentence it confronts experiences that are very personal and self-defining, i.e. our pain and our anger.

Healing pain begins with the awareness that when in pain our personal selfhood has been disturbed. Something is not right, and we are aware of it. What is “personal” can be more clearly understood as what we cherish, hate and fear. These are our attachments: what we consider to be essential to our individuality. Yet, these are also the source of our pain, as we are vulnerable to the possibility of their loss.

When what we cherish, hate and fear is confronted and understood in juxtaposition to our Wholeness (that is not vulnerable to loss) these attachments can be released. And just as a hot air balloon rises when it’s attachment to the ground is untied, our whole being is uplifted, often including the complete relief of pain.

The method of Metapsychiatry is to heal through Spiritual Understanding. Spiritual Understanding is an event in consciousness. It is neither intellectual nor analytic nor imaginary. It has been described poetically as “when the light dawns,” or “the veil is lifted.” Something becomes clear to us in a way that is much more than the acquiring of information – we’ve been transformed through an elevated perception that unfolded in our awareness. Something is now understood that changes our perspective of everything.

Just as a good cook seeks to understand  “what went wrong?” when a dish did not turn out well, an interested student of Metapsychiatry seeks to understand the misunderstanding that has resulted in pain.

The second law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only transmute into another form.  This law applies to all energy – even mental energy and the energy focused in a pain-filled experience.

The Phrase: “Pain is an Angry Interaction Thought,” describes the transmutation of pain up the spectrum of energy to the original thought:

Pain is a disturbing sensory experience. It is a physical/mental/emotional expression of anger.

Anger is the emotional expression of not getting what we want. It is very common to think that the main purpose of life is to get what we want.  While the pursuit of “wants” is very normal, it inevitably results in frustration, as it is not always possible to get what we want. Even when we do get what we want there is the fear that it might go away. The truth is, “getting what we want” is not the purpose of our lives, nor the path toward fulfillment.

Interaction is thinking about what others are thinking about what we are thinking. In other words, “interaction” is the mental context that sees life and well-being as consisting of interactions between self and others.  In the case of pain and anger: “Someone, or something out there that I depend on for my happiness and well-being is not doing/behaving/being what I want.”

Thought is mental energy, the context within which all of the above takes place.

There are only two varieties of thought: valid and invalid. Valid thoughts are in harmony with what IS. Invalid thoughts are not.

We’ve just outlined the transmutation of energy from a sensory experience to its mental origin.

Let’s follow the transmutation the other way:

Thought: The basic stuff of life. Thought is mental energy, perceptible to human consciousness. Thoughts transmute into different forms: concepts, speech, emotions, behaviors, symptoms, experiences.

Interaction: The mental climate that believes that what is good and what is bad comes from how others perceive “me.” In this context living becomes an exercise in manipulation of self and other. “how can I get others to do what I want,” “who do I need to be/what do I need to do so that others approve of me.”

Anger: The emotional expression of the fact that others are not seeing us as we would like, and they are not giving us what we want.

Pain: The habitual living from the perceived need to be right, seen, and given to by others will inevitably lead to tension, perhaps headaches and other physical symptoms, and behaviors that are aggressive and provocative.

Pain is a message, it has a meaning, it is not random. It is expressing the invalid approach to life as outlined above.

The Spiritual Counter-fact

Thank Goodness there is an alternative within reach of everyone. The good of life does not come from what others think of or do for us. Getting what we want and not getting what we want is not a path to fulfillment. These are only thoughts. It is what we’ve been taught and it is something we can see for what it is: frustration and pain – not the truth of our being.

It is possible to wake up, in other words, to become aware of the invalid thoughts in consciousness. And it is possible to become aware of what really IS: Omniactive Love-Intelligence.  And it is possible to devote ourselves to living in the context of what is good, joyful, intelligent and loving.

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