Here is a small taste of what Dr. Hora has to say about “humility.”

“. . . humility, is not proud; it is dignified, inspired, 
intelligent, peaceful, assured, alert, responsive, and highly effective. It is not 
a form of behavior but, rather, a quality of consciousness.”

“What is the great value of humility? It is very simple: meekness and humility make life easy. It is the secret of the harmonious, trouble-free, effortless 
life. “
“So, in juxtaposition to this, whenever we feel like complaining about how hard 
life is, how heavy a burden we have to carry, how nothing seems to be working out, 
how people maltreat us, how complicated everything is becoming in life, we can ask 
instead: “What is the meaning of this?” Perhaps it is a sign that we are not sufficiently 
”shouldless” and not sufficiently humble.”

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