Help! I’m in a Crisis.

Crisis, by definition, means that something has broken down. Whatever had seemed to be working is no longer working. A common response is to attempt to figure out what went wrong, who or what is to blame, or try to fix what is broken to get the situation back to “normal.”

Metapsychiatry suggests that what is needed is not “fixing” but understanding. The broken situation is communicating something. In Metapsychiatric language, the crisis has a “meaning.” What is broken is not the “thing” or “people” involved. The situation is an honest expression of a mental climate that is not in harmony with the fundamental order of the universe.

If one suddenly realizes that they are driving on the wrong road, it may feel like a crisis. But, Hallelujah!, it was discovered, and the route can be corrected. It’s not the car nor the road nor the driver that is broken, just an invalid direction.

In Metapsychiatry we are cultivating spiritual discernment – the capacity to see what behaviors, thoughts, feelings and motivations are valid and which are invalid. First, we need to become aware of the “destination.” We are all on a path to realize true peace, assurance, gratitude and love (pagl). These are the qualities of our essential nature – what we really are. The more this is realized, the more these qualities are expressed in our lives.

The road we find ourselves on as we “wake up” to this realization is most likely  won’t get us There. Thus, the experience of “crisis.” But, have no fear. We are waking up to the fact that we’re on a road to nowhere – a road that is filled with pain, frustration, anger and fear.

Rejoice and be grateful that salvation (the possibility for joyful life) is always available.

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