Teaching & Consulting

Nancy’s life long interest is in spiritual life and enlightened living. Her work has been to teach and counsel. Her lifelong interest has brought her to the study of Metapsychiatry as a teaching that has clarified many practical spiritual issues. In this blog, the ideas of Metapsychiatry will be specifically applied to current issues. The Enlightened approach to conflicts and troubling issues is always to seek “higher ground” and a broader view of the situation that will allow greater understanding, healing and transformation.

There are three ways to work with Nancy as a spiritual counselor:

Private sessions: One on one 45 minute sessions conducted over the phone or in-person in Ossining, NY, where issues and concerns of the client are addressed and understood through the spiritual ideas expressed in Metapsychiatry.

Dialogue Groups: Small groups meet both in person and via teleconference, seeking to understand spiritual truths as they apply to individual issues and concerns.

Introductory Classes: Getting started understanding how the ideas of Metapsychiatry can be helpful in everyday life. An Intro to Metaclasses

To schedule or participate email or call Nancy: Nancy@rosanoff.com


9 Responses to Teaching & Consulting

  1. Anna Fiorisi says:

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m interested in the private sessions. What is the fee?


    • nrosanoff says:

      Hi Anna,
      You may want to consider joining the Meta-Group that meets Wednesday evenings in Westchester. You can come in person, or join over the phone. The fee is $30/session.

  2. Interesting blog post. It’s scary to think this is real, I’ve subscribed your feed and will be coming back. Also @above post I agree with you, it’s precisely like that but we can’t alter anything about it đŸ˜¦

  3. Aleksandra says:

    Dear Nancy,
    Is it possible to join your Meta-Group still? or some other group (may be similar to the one you guided at Helen’s a year or so ago).

    Thank you,

    • nrosanoff says:

      Hello Sasha,
      Yes, it is possible. There is a group that meets Wednesdays at 6:45pm – 8:15 in Pleasantville and there is a group that meets Tuesday afternoons in New York City (Irving Place).
      Would you like to join us tonight? the fee is $30 / session.

    • nrosanoff says:

      Also, please consider joining the free teleseminar series – the next one is Tuesday, February 23 – 7pm-7:45pm. The topic is “Relationships.” If interested, email me and I will send you the conference call information.

  4. Dear Nancy,
    Yes it’s me!
    I was telling a friend of mine about one of our sessions of many years ago and he said you should call her a( very intuitive man) So here I am.
    I see by your site that you are still doing one-on-one counseling. I tried calling you several times but the Auto message says “your call can not be completed as dialed”
    Get back to me with a session fee, via email.
    Hope all is well, you look great by the way on your show
    Regards to John
    Steve Nichols

  5. randy place says:

    I came across a recording made during our session on 1/12/84 so I Googled you. It’s wonderful that you are enjoying such tremendous success and making contributions.

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