Winter Light

A chickadee or perhaps it is a black and white warbler, lands on a twig inside an evergreen covered with snow. Pauses. Then launches back out.

This is what normal, everyday eyes see. But this is only the surface.

That simple event expresses hundreds of millions of years of evolution bringing together at the exact moment the bird with perfectly formed three-pronged feet and a right sized twig in a tree that provides some shelter in the snow-covered winter.

Larger eyes see harmony, love, intelligence, beauty and grace ever expressing.

“Is it always so? Is there ever not a twig within shelter when needed?”

I cannot speak for these two, but for myself only. There seem to be two perspectives. With limited view I see frustration, mistakes and unwanted events in my life. From larger eyes, the bird always lands and the twig is always there.

Sometimes things happen that we don’t like. A whole tree can come down. It’s not what we wanted. Perhaps something or someone precious to us has been lost, perhaps a cherished dream finally fell apart, or perhaps something we most feared has come upon us.

We can know about the harmony of bird and twig yet still be frustrated, in pain, disappointed and depressed by circumstances in our life. And it is not possible to “think,” “plan,” or “do” our way out of it.  Then what?

This is where the tools of Metapsychiatry can be very helpful.  They point to the way out: expand from the smaller to the larger view. Everything has a meaning. The unpleasantness of the present experience is expressing narrow vision.  Narrow vision, by definition is limited, restricted – formed from habit.

The call to the larger view is knocking. Will the door be answered? There is something about the narrow current view that is being revealed as false, outgrown, invalid – not the harmony of bird and twig.

Like a young bird that has outgrown it’s nest, it now needs to fly – although from human eyes, those first few attempts to leave the nest can seem harsh and dangerous. Yet the life of the bird depends on facing the current fact: fly or die.

Take it in. If the bird had stayed in the nest, or the tree stayed cozy in the seed, where would we be?

Existence is dynamic. Each moment is new and can be greeted with open-minded responsiveness – not habitual holding.

The knee-jerk lament we’ve all learned is “but, what about me?” In other words, what about all that I have been taught to believe that is revealing itself as narrow, broken, unworkable, and currently making my life, and those around me, miserable? Can’t I hold on to that?

The answer is, of course: Yes, you can.

It is also possible to respond from the larger view – the view from the Whole, where everything everywhere is already all right, where infinite possibility and inspired ideas abound, even though it does not seem that way from the narrow view.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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