Solutions to Problems are Proof of God

When we find ourselves frustrated, agitated or irritated, we have stopped learning and stopped understanding. We’ve become intent upon a particular way of looking at something, and have closed our minds to learning.

Healthy existence is continuously open to learning. This orientation is a life based on wisdom.  Metapsychiatry states: “everything everywhere is already all right, even when we don’t know it.” This is a way of describing that we are much more than our current problems and dilemmas. At any moment, regardless of the difficulties being faced, we have and we are the capacity to learn and understand.

This capacity is possible because there is always something we don’t know and something we are not seeing.

The fact that we encounter problems in life and that we can find solutions to them is proof that God exists.

In essence, problems arise when our approaches to living have stopped working. Some new approach and understanding toward life is being called for.

The new approach that arrives does not come from us. It is not “ours.” It is a gift from the Divine Consciousness where everything everywhere is already all right – where there are no problems, only loving-intelligent responses to the moment at hand.

This is God – the ultimate awareness of infinite good that it is possible for us to know. And, the fact that there are solutions to life’s problems is proof that we exist within a larger awareness (God) that we are often not aware of.

Receiving solutions to our problems requires an expansion of perception and awareness beyond the current dilemma. We need help to bridge the gap between stuckness in a problem and openness to the solution.

This is facilitated by the two intelligent questions brought forth in Metapychiatry. The first intelligent question: “What is the meaning of my experience?” moves our attention to seeing that the problem is expressing a restricted view of life. Asking this question breaks the hypnotic spell of the limited consciousness from which the problem is arising.

The second question: “What is what really is?” opens our awareness to the ultimate consciousness where everything is already all right.  It is from this consciousness that the solution will present itself. While this consciousness is always present, it cannot be seen while the “problem” is believed to be reality.

Asking the “two intelligent questions” is a form of prayer. It is a holy and humble process of recognizing there is something we are not seeing.

Simply stated, instead of looking to solve our personal problem, we are open to ideas that will respond to the needs of the current situation.

While this seems like a simple step, it is a move from the finite to the infinite – from the narrowness of the personal view to the intelligence of the ultimate view.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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