The Two-Fold Path of Metapsychiatry

In Metapsychiatry we are expanding consciousness in two ways. We become aware of the mental climate we have become conditioned and adapted to that has informed our individual way of life, and, we become increasingly aware of what truly Is: the infinite consciousness that is not conditioned, nor programmable.

The conditioned content of consciousness comes from judging by appearances, education and experience.This is referred to as the “sea of mental garbage” in Metapsychiatry.

Infinite consciousness(also known as God) is recognized as Love-Intelligence, the omni-active non-dimensional substance of existence. It is not perceptible through sensory perception. It can only be realized through awakened conscious awareness. PAGL (Peace, Assurance, Gratitude, Love) describes and defines the qualities of consciousness that we are aware of when awareness is spiritually awakened.

The problems that come from living, such as those involving finances, health and relationships, can provide the motivation to unlock our reactions enough to see the mental garbage we are living within.

In Metapsychiatry this is facilitated with the First Intelligent Question: “What is the meaning of my experience?” In other words, what is the false/conditioned thought about life that this specific problem is expressing?

The Second Intelligent question then asks: “What is what really Is?” This directs our attention to infinite Love-Intelligence.

Conditioned human life is like walking in a fog so thick there is only disorientation and confusion.  As we begin to awaken, we are still walking in fog, but now we’ve glimpsed the sunny skies and know that every step brings us closer to being fully in the sun.

We cannot make fog go away. We can, however, know that fog is a phenomenon of climatic circumstances and that it is temporary and harmless, if we are carefully aware of the dangers while moving through it.

Similarly, on the spiritual journey of awakening, we cannot get rid of the sea of mental garbage, but we can know that it is not the reality of existence. 

Metapsychiatry teaches us to use the difficulties encountered in life as stepping-stones to enlightenment. Each problem is expressing a specific mental thought, conditioned image or adaptation to circumstances that is not in harmony with the underlying spiritual reality. We learn to move carefully and mindfully through them, seeking to see the false messages they are conveying about life.

Just as fog appears when the temperatures of the ground and the air are in contrast, we live in a mental “fog” when our conditioned ideas about life are in conflict with what really Is.

What lifts the mental fog is the harmonizing of individual consciousness with Divine Consciousness. First we need to see what it is that we are thinking that is so out of harmony with what Is. Once we see how ignorant it is to live a conditioned life, we humbly open our consciousness to what really Is. Gradually the fog lifts, and we see increasingly clearly what it is to live in PAGL.



Moment by Moment Joyful Resolutions

It’s that time of year when many thoughts turn to Self-Improvement, and planning for a better future. Yet, often seeds of frustration and failure are within the motivation of many New Year’s Resolutions.

“What could be misdirected about wanting to be better?” You might ask.

It is not the desired thing or state that determines the outcome of a resolution, it is the  “wanting” itself.

“Wanting” expresses the state of “lack.” Something or someone is needed to fill what currently seems lacking: better job, more money, more love, less weight, more simplicity, etc.

How can one give up wanting? Isn’t it just another “want” to want to stop wanting?

Yes, that’s right. It is not possible to stop wanting when there is something we want.

Yet, it is possible to recognize that our true identity is not a personality that needs something..

When we want something, our attention is focused on what we are lacking. What seems necessary is out there somewhere.

It is possible to turn our attention toward the substance of being. Instead of looking to fill ourselves up with something external, we can become interested in asking, “Who are we? and what is the purpose of our lives?” Suddenly the focus of attention is on discovering what constitutes what already is – our being. While we may not be  aware of answers  right away, whatever it is is not lacking, and it’s not “out there” somewhere.

Metapsychiatry suggests that our substance is the qualities of being that constitute the wholeness of reality, such as: harmony, clarity, inspired wisdom, integrity, joy.

And, the purpose of our life is to be the best expression of these eternal qualities that is possible at any moment.  This is an Every-Moment-Resolution that flows from the awareness that we are aspects of what is perfectly whole already. We just don’t see it all the time.

The interesting “side-effect” of this commitment is that as we turn to these qualities as guides for living, these qualities begin to express themselves in the circumstances of our lives, and our lives become inspired.


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