The End of Intuition

The path of intuition has an end. Like the runway that allows the airplane to build up enough speed to take flight, intuition speeds perception to a point where we are lifted beyond the limits of the road. There is a point of awareness when the end of intuition is recognized – where intuitive insights have completed their job.

While intuition bridges the analytic world of facts and data with the subjective world of hunches and good guesses, they share a common purpose. Analytics and Intuition are both seeking an answer to a specific problem. The problem, whether involving people, places or things, needs a solution.

The circumstance that made the “end of intuition” clear to me was an unsolvable problem.

The details of the situation are not important but the gist of it was that my husband and I lost all of our material wealth and were so in debt that there was no way it could ever be paid back within our lifetimes.  To find a way through this was impossible. There was no solution.

Previous to the onset of the above unbearable problem I had been introduced to the study of Metapsychiatry – a helpful guide to understanding the truth of our being and the purpose of our lives.

With the help of this study, I grew to understand that it was not the “problem” that was in the way.  The “problem” exposed the breakdown of many of the misconceptions about life I had been believing were the truth. There were a host of thoughts that had conditioned my view of life that I was not even aware of. One by one, each came to the surface of awareness to be confronted and seen clearly for what is was.

This is beyond intuition, as this holy healing process can only occur when the main interest is not in solutions to problems, but in understanding the spiritual nature of who we are.

Who we are has a double-reflecting capacity. We can reflect through our experiences and ambitions what we have learned and absorbed through others. We can also become aware of and reflect the infinite Wholeness of what Is.

Intuition bridges these two reflections and allows glimpses of wisdom, insight and clarity to come into our awareness when our minds are open to it. Most often this is when we confront problems.  But, sooner or later the awareness that looks to intuitive insights for solutions to our problems will evolve and turn it’s attention toward full receptivity to what really IS, and to the realization of the spiritual essence of our being.

The Whole is not concerned with problems. The Whole is continually revealing what IS.  What already and eternally IS, by definition, is never a problem.

Of course we are grateful for all the insights that have led us to the place where we are no longer contained by the problems of life, but lifted into the infinite expanse where “problems” seem smaller and smaller until they disappear altogether.

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Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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2 Responses to The End of Intuition

  1. dkim says:


    I’ve been following your blog at and you stated that you and your husband found yourselves heavily in debt- this, after so many years of following your intuition. Does this now mean that you’ve come to find that intution led you down the wrong road after all?

    I’m feeling this way as I’ve trusted my intuition to lead me to “my bliss” as Joseph Campbell would say, but I’m broke, am in the middle of a dark night, and fear I’ve seriously estranged others unintentionally.

    Please respond, as I’ve used your problem-solving methods to make my decisions, and I’m afraid I’ve been deceived.

    Your stark honesty would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Nancy,
    D Kim

    • nrosanoff says:

      It was not intuition that led me down the wrong road – it was misguided goals and life directions that I thought would make me happy. And, I felt very frightened, as you do now. As I stated in my article, trying to solve the problem was impossible.

      And, I have abandoned the the intuitive “decision-making” tools I used to use as they had come to the end of their usefulness. They’ve been replaced with more helpful tools I’ve learned from studying Metapsychiatry.

      The gift for me in studying Metapsychiatry is an awareness of spiritual discernment. We have the capacity to know the difference between thoughts and intuitions that are valid (in harmony with reality) and those that are invalid (out of harmony with reality). A simple and common example is fantasy: It is possible to meet someone and believe that they will help me, love me or hurt me – depending on what I want or don’t want. It can seem very real and have emotional content – but it is still a fantasy. While it is embarrassing to recognize the extent to which our life has been filled with fantasy – it is a huge relief to see it, then it is possible to return to wholeness.

      Your path has brought you to a moment where what you thought was “good” is not, and what you thought you needed is gone. Yet, your intelligence and awareness is still intact. You are asking all the right questions – and there are answers – good answers that will guide you into what is true.

      If you would like to know more about Metapsychiatry to find out if the ideas there are helpful to you – go to and download any one of the 12 booklets available for free.

      Warm regards and all the best on your journey,

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