Witness to Transformation

Witnessing Cairo

Are you interested in supporting those who are demonstrating and standing up for a more democratic government, yet confused and distressed by the potential and actual violence? Are you having difficulty knowing who or what organizations to support?

Do you think you have to take a crash course in Mid-East/North African history to understand enough to be articulate and helpful?

Are you in danger of tuning out the situation from hearing too many opinions and fearful speculations?

Be at peace. There is a truly helpful view that transcends the immediate conflict, and opinion spouting while staying present with the unfolding events.

The truth is that none of us know what individual leaders, spokespeople, and citizens need to do at any moment. But we can be very interested in governance that allows and supports education, expression, and opportunity.

Even though none of us know the best path to freedom for any individual, group or nation, we can know that every individual, group and nation has the capacity and potential to receive intelligent, loving, wise ideas that will be just right for their moment.

Every individual can look for moments of intelligent, loving and wise ideas, no matter how tiny or few. Every time a moment of wisdom is appreciated by even one individual, that attention to the wisdom increases the potential for that wisdom to be seen by others.

This is the transcendent approach – to know that wise ideas are always available, and rejoice when they appear in actual events and watch them as they unfold.

Of course there will be many moments that may be frightening in their ignorance and disregard for real solutions. These can be seen for what they are – ignorant, self-serving, narrow-mindedness. To fight these, or get angry only feeds them. But keep looking – and keep open for the specks of light, seeds of inspired solutions and individual transformations to a more healing and helpful awareness.

The global evolution of consciousness is fed and directed by what we pay attention to.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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2 Responses to Witness to Transformation

  1. Tamar Ragir says:

    Great post mom! You provide an excellent, applicable, healing way to view events. Love you.

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