The Communion of Saints

The “Communion of Saints” is a beautiful phrase that has seemed like something that occurs up in some more refined part of the universe – where choirs of angels spend their days singing Hallelujah!

But it is actually much more available.

During a recent visit with a friend with whom is shared an interest in enlightened life, we sat together in reflection. We were both immediately elevated to a clear awareness. With the elevation came joy and lightness of being. From this state, all problems dissolved in the recognition of their root in small-mindedness.

This moment of shared elevation of consciousness brought to mind the phrase I had sung and prayed in church as a young girl, yet never understood. The “Communion of Saints.” In the presence of an elevated consciousness, all are elevated. A mutual interest in enlightenment results in what Christ referred to as “. . . when two or three are gather together in my name. . .”

Within the holiday exchange of greetings I am also finding the “communion of saints,” with friends, colleagues and acquaintances sharing and wishing the best of life for each other.

We are “gathered together” in the name of enlightened living – ratcheting each other up to live the best life available through mutual affection and love – regardless of the time and space differences.

In the “communion of saints” or the “communion of enlightened being,” or in the most basic of modern form – “hello!” the basic message of joint beingness in the midst of human expression shares love and affection with the capacity to lift and be lifted.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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