Joy of the Season

Join me on a journey of joy through the holidays using some of the healing concepts of Metapsychiatry as our guide to going beyond the flurries of fears and frustrations that are constantly tempting us to succumb to the holiday frenzy.

Rejoice in the joy that comes from understanding the spiritual meaning of the rituals, traditions and texts of the season.

During the month of December I will be sharing spiritual concepts and applying them to some of the common issues of the season. May these ideas be received, lived with, tested, and understood, and grow in consciousness like the star of Bethlehem, guiding you to the truth of your glorious being.

1: “For God is the author of peace, not of confusion.”(1 Corinthians 14:33) In other words, what is harmonious and good cannot flow from a confused state of being, yet flows freely from a state of peace. When there is an inner stillness we can live and move within the holiday frenzy without being influenced by it.

Without inner stillness we are susceptible to confusion and distraction wherein it is not possible to make good, clear choices.

So, whenever we find ourselves stressed, confused, or tired – STOP and know that what is more important than anything is inner stillness.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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2 Responses to Joy of the Season

  1. Janice Gallick says:

    Thank you for being the guiding light for me and so many others. You remind us how easy it is to get confused, become sad, and self-centered when we are seeking the great joy of the holiday season. I will remember your words and seek the inner peace when the going gets a little tough during the holidays. I look forward to you other posts.

  2. mgallagher29 says:

    I like the idea of continuous guidance through the month of December. Thanks. I’ll be checking in frequently!

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