Floating with Spiritual Awareness over the Quicksand of Problems

Many seem to be suffering from a lack of resources. Do we pray and/or visualize in order to “attract” what we need? Do we attempt to be satisfied with what we have and be content?

The transcendent approach recognizes that the problem may be our habit of seeing the situation from a “problem” mentality. Like struggling to get free in the middle of quicksand, it may seem “natural” to attempt to hoist our selves out, but it is not helpful.

Attempting to fix or change what we are experiencing only enmeshes us further in the problem.

To ignore the experience of lack is not good, and neither is attempting to fix it – so what is one to do?

The Metaview suggests spiritual awareness. In other words, be open to seeing the situation with a larger, more encompassing view. The experience of “lack” is expressing a constricted, narrow view of self and life.

The spiritual view begins with the concept that: “Everything everywhere is already all right, even though we don’t know it.”** When we catch ourselves attempting to fix something that seems like a problem, it is possible to stop struggling and begin to float.

Only one who sees themselves as a “problem solver” sees life situations as “problems.”

You are not someone who needs to solve something – you are an infinite consciousness with the capacity to be filled with the light of understanding. From this broader view, there are no problems, only inspiration and wisdom responding to issues that come into view.

** In Metapsychiatry this is known as the “prayer of right seeing.” What it means in this application is that in every situation or difficulty, no matter how frightening it may seem, there is always an approach and/or a solution that is good, uplifting and healing. If we are fearful, we can’t see the good solution. And, if we are willful we cannot see the good solution. Just knowing that the “right idea” is available is, in itself, a great relief from fear, and, if we turn wholeheartedly to this idea in the midst of trouble, the right ideas will flow as needed.

“Help, I’m In Crisis”

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Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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