Intuition Grows Beyond Itself

Intuition is the power of knowing and seeing. Medical intuitives see disease, psychics see the future, individuals intuitively make decisions about relationships, work and life management. Intuition, at first, appears to be a way of knowing that will guide us to what we want.

Scientific thinking attempts to make intuition mechanical – calling it “fast thinking:” a function of the brain that digests large amounts of data and spits up what is needed in any situation.

These views see intuitive intelligence as something we can “do,” yet intuition remains unreliable, unpredictable, and subjective. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

When something turns out the way we “intuited” we congratulate ourselves on doing something right. And, there are certainly moments when the intuitive knowing is exactly right and guides the situation to a joyful conclusion that could not have been imagined.

On the other hand, when an intuitive insight turns out not to be correct – in other words, we did not get what we wanted, or events did not turn out as we had envisioned, either we didn’t do it right or perhaps it was merely wishful thinking.

This leads to confusion about intuition. It is something that seems to occur, yet it cannot be done. It feels really real, but cannot be repeated at will.

When an intuitive insight appears, the personal mind attempts to repeat the experience by figuring out how it happened. The enlightened mind looks to the meaning of the intuitive insight. In other words, the enlightened mind is interested in understanding the principle that guides “how and what we can know” that the intuitive insight demonstrates.

What is the Meaning of Intuition?

Intuition is inspired wisdom. It is precise information regarding the specific present moment that seems to somehow show-up in consciousness. It points to a source of wisdom beyond normal analytic mentation and observation. And, this source of wisdom is accessible. Individual consciousness has the capacity to receive inspired ideas. This can only be true if there is a source of wisdom and inspiration that is available to, yet larger and broader than an individual.

The source of wisdom can be called the Infinite Whole of which we are an individual expression. Just as leaves are individual expressions of a tree and receive all nourishment from the tree, individuals, too, are nourished in all ways by the source of life.

What looks like random flashes of intuitive insight is the free flow of inspired wisdom into consciousness. It is occurring all the time, but we are neither aware of nor open to it most of the time.

This shift of perspective regarding who we are and how life unfolds shatters many common conceptions. The shift of perspective itself cannot be done. We cannot “make happen” something that already is, but we can become aware of it.

Intuitive insight is a golden thread that, when followed, can lead us to enlightenment.

We are not independent persons who need to make life happen, and use intuition as a tool in that endeavor. It just seems that way as we begin to become aware of the capacity for insight and inspiration.

We are unique, individual expressions of an Infinite Whole. The Whole supplies answers and solutions to all sincere questions. All that is required is an openness to be aligned with this reality. Intuitive moments can awaken us to this understanding. Intuition opens consciousness to spiritual awareness and is the voice of inspired wisdom.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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