Show me the way

Intuitive knowing descends upon us, like manna from heaven. It arrives, fully formed, clear and unmistakable. Yet, it requires conscious acceptance – in other words, we need to respond to it.

We can either receive or ignore intuitive knowing. To receive and respond to intuition acknowledges an available source of benevolent intelligence that transcends cultural and educational training. It signifies a commitment to living life out of the unfolding present moment.

Responding to this inner knowing uplifts us. Ignoring it is always a loss. While intuition addresses the specific immediate issue, it is pointing a way toward living a meaningful life.

Intuitive knowing is an awakening to the freedom of being who we truly are. While guiding the actual moment with direction and information, intuition is simultaneously aligning us with the Whole.

Along this journey, the personal “I” will eventually wake-up to the full recognition that well-being, fulfillment, happiness and inner peace are the substance of our true being. And that as we respond to life intuitively, out of true being, the harmony that is one of the many qualities of Wholeness, is mirrored in the unfolding events of life.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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