Intuition to Enlightenment

Intuition begins the path Home. At least it did for me. Following the crumbs – beyond the gingerbread house of solved problems, all the way to true inner clarity.

Every individual is on a journey from being asleep to being awake. Each journey is a unique alchemy where the circumstances of life continually reveal the next steps.

Like a treasure hunt, once the code for reading the map of life is discovered, all of the challenges become clues to the whole puzzle. And, as this treasure hunt unfolds, the treasure is available every moment, piling up the blessings that arise from being awake as the clues are understood.

Once bitten by the intuitive bug – once the capacity to know, without any doubt, the answer to a problem, the solution to a puzzle, the direction to take in a complex situation, there is no turning back. The inner genie has been seen. It may be ignored, but it cannot be denied. It’s being in the zone – like hitting the golf ball just right – the “ping” of hitting the tennis ball right where it needs to be.

Intuition is the mental ‘zone’ where harmony, insight, joy and clarity all come together. And even though we practice – practice – practice – it cannot be mastered – in can only be received.
The first intuitive flash is to the spiritual seeker what watching the Olympics is to a budding competitive athlete. Once that moment of insight has occurred – we’re hooked – we’ve found the direction of life – the pearl of great price to be gained at any cost.

At first we are temped to just take the pearl and own it, master it as something we can possess. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take out the pearl of intuitive wisdom whenever it was needed to get through a difficult situation? Like having a secret weapon to defend against the harshness of living.

But the true cost of the pearl of wisdom eventually reveals itself. Everything. Everything we ever thought we knew about ourselves, how life works, what we are alive for.

As it turns out, as the “everything” of life is gradually given up, “every thing” of life improves. Go figure!

Intuition leads the way to the Reality of life that is glorious freedom from want, worry, and woes. And, like the ferry that takes us to the other side of the river, once we’ve arrived, intuition is no longer necessary. The larger wholeness of life of which intuitive wisdom is a slice, has filled the space.

About nrosanoff

Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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One Response to Intuition to Enlightenment

  1. Jasmine Lamb says:

    I love this line: “And even though we practice – practice – practice – it cannot be mastered – in can only be received.”

    Lately I have a practice of lying on the floor and placing my feet against the wall. The whole practice is simply to sense the soul of feet against the wall, and to receive the energy of the earth through the feet. Just to soak it up and soak it up. And then to stand up and feel my feet against the floor and receive some more. And a time comes when I’m all filled up and can begin to dance—giving and receiving with the floor, the space around me, within me.

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