Fear is the Beginning of Wisdom: How Can This Be True?

A fearful mind is in great danger, as it is liable to believe itself. There is less danger when one is aware that fear is being experienced. It’s a little like being offered something you “know” is too good to be true. Will “awareness” be the guide or the pleasure of seduction?

Will “fear” be the guide, or awareness that something seems “frightening?”

Thus, knowing that “I am frightened,” is the beginning of wisdom, for only then is the door to liberation also present.

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You can add your stories and questions about “fear” by leaving a comment here.

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2 Responses to Fear is the Beginning of Wisdom: How Can This Be True?

  1. Marlene says:

    Again, looking at the word “alert” in regard to fear…an alert is a signal to pay attention as in sirens sounding, If we know that the sensation of fear is an alert to pay extreme attention, rather than a call to be afraid and fight against what is feared, we can see that what seems like fear is really a misunderstood (conditioned) response to a very good idea–pay attention now because something big, strong, transformative, etc is present. Often it is even a good idea that evokes that sensation of fear (as in my fear of making the changes I knew I’d need to make in order to take care of the babies). I needed to be alert to understanding that there is power in this venture, and to pay attention to the guidance that is also present. So now, “fear” isn’t scary- it’s something to be grateful for.

    Of course, sometimes fear occurs because what is present is simoly misunderstood. There is nothing to be “afraid” of, such as a fear of spiders or such things, there is just ignorance about spiders……

  2. Nancy says:

    Good points. And, what is the “payment” that needs to be paid in order to be attentive? (pay attention?) All the fantasies, dreams, memories, wishful/fearful thoughts that cloud the reality of the issue.

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