Nothing Real Makes Sense

Impossible to believe, yet it is true nonetheless.

With just a few clarifications and definitions it may becomes clear to you as well.

First, that which is “real” is always what it is. For something to be real, it needs to be unchanging, eternal, and self-evidently true. When we are looking for something to “make sense” we want it to fit into what we can sense with our physical senses. In other words, for something to be seen, felt, heard, smelled, tasted. We are looking for material validation.

We call something “nonsense” and dismiss it, when it does not fit into what we can sense.

This is a mistake many scientists make. True science is a search for truth. If science was based on what could be validated by our physical senses we would still be living on a “flat” earth. Leaps in scientific understanding often occur in “awareness” first, and are written as abstract theories, “hard to believe,” yet true steps toward clarifying reality.

When we hear ourselves saying ”that doesn’t make any sense to me,” we may be attempting to discern the validity of something through a channel of perception that cannot “see” what is true.

We have the capacity to discern what is real through awareness. Awareness is non-material, non-sense.

The “Aha” moments described by the panel at Carole Hyatt’s alumni dinner the other night all occurred in awareness. When we live solely by “what makes sense,” we live unable to receive the blessed “Aha’s:” our guide to enlightened living.

By the way, if you missed the dinner and panel discussion on “Aha Moments,” it was moderated by Sonya Hamlin with great love, humor and intelligence, and included Barrie Brett and Dr. Laurie Nadel with yours truly.

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5 Responses to Nothing Real Makes Sense

  1. sonyahamlin says:

    Hi Nancy– well done and well- said. We are so locked into “reality” in our time because the speed of our ever-changing world is too scary to contemplate without hard and fast “rules” that feel like they govern us. We need SOMETHING to be in charge– we surely aren’t. So contemplating your thesis requires some courage and an adventurous spirit…

  2. Hi Nancy, It is more comfortable for people to see what they believe rather than believe what they see. Throughout history, scientists have refused to acknowledge lab results that challenge their assumptions.

    An “Aha!” moment often does just that by installing a new idea or insight that is so compelling we cannot pretend it is not there or fail to acknowledge it.

    Thank you, Nancy, Barrie, and Sonya, for shining a respectful light on this fascinating and important subject.

    All the best,
    Dr. Laurie

    ps. When I ran a program for teenagers whose fathers were killed on 9/11/01, they called me “Dr. Laurie.” I kept the nickname because it reminds me of the time I spent with those great kids.

  3. It all sounds good but how is everything related together?

    • nrosanoff says:

      Thank you for visiting my site – but I’m not sure what you mean. Are you asking how the different pages of my site relate together? It’s a good question – The Listening Place is an interview TV show I hosted and produced for 7 years and I’ve posted here some of my favorite shows. The rest of the site is devoted to conveying ideas that have been found by many to be enlightening and helpful in living more peacefully and happily.

  4. I’m reading through some of your blog and so far so good. I’m still a little lost on the subject, but plan on saving it to my favorites and coming back. I have found several other sites and am trying to consolidate them all so i can compile a list of resources.

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