Divine Guidance and the Law

In Sonia Sotomayor’s acceptance speech yesterday morning as the new Associate Judge of the Supreme Court, she acknowledged the importance of Divine Guidance in making decisions that interpret the supreme constitutional law of this country.

What does this mean? How does Divine Guidance play a role in interpreting law?

Divine guidance is often thought of as direct answers to problems and situations provided by a Universal Mind/God that bypasses human consciousness and acts directly in human affairs. It is seen as a power beyond human thinking that will answer prayers, supplications and questions.

The MetaView defines “Divine” as qualities that make up the underlying non-material substance of life: qualities such as intelligence, understanding, love, compassion, clarity and truth. What makes these qualities “divine” is that no individual can create or destroy them; they cannot be bought or sold. They are part of the fundamental order of Being. They are omnipresent – meaning that they are always available, yet non-interfering – which means that they do not impose themselves in a situation. In their presence life flourishes. In the wake of decisions made without them, life diminishes.

“Guidance” refers to what “guides” us. If an individual is guided by intelligence, understanding, love, compassion, clarity, truthfulness, etc. one is being Divinely Guided.
Individuals can recognize that these qualities are accessible and be receptive to them.

When confronted with a legal case, human consciousness can both be attentive to the details and issues of the case as well as be receptive to divine qualities. Individual consciousness under conditions of attentive receptivity can understand a particular situation through the “eyes” of divine qualities. An answer, an approach will then reveal itself. There is an awareness of inner peace. This is Divine Guidance in Law.

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Spiritual coach/counselor, Metapsychiatrist, MetaViewer of Life.
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